Welcome to the Speech and Drama College of South Africa (SDCSA)

SDCSA is more than a professional association of qualified teachers. We aim to ensure that only qualified people teach. We are a credible and reputable resource for other educators, parents and people seeking information about speech and drama as a tool for positive development. Previously known as The South African Guild of Speech and Drama Teachers, SDCSA has been operating successfully since 1945.

Interdisciplinary learning

The cross-curricular benefits of speech and drama are central to learning and development. Students of the subject are better equipped to become well-adjusted young adults with real world life skills: they are more confident, able to listen effectively and to express themselves more clearly. Speech and drama also improves abstract thinking, mathematical ability, literacy and social integration. This makes it one of the essential professions with interesting career opportunities in the performing arts, teaching, law, politics, journalism, broadcasting and more.

What SDCSA can do for you

  • Affiliation to a longstanding organisation with a highly respected public profile and reputation
  • Access to directories of drama teachers
  • Assistance for fellow practitioners looking for innovative ideas and resources for lessons and lesson planning
  • Teacher refresher courses
  • Participation in well-organised Speech and Drama and Public Speaking Festivals to showcase teacher work and student achievements
  • Entrance to CAPS aligned examinations tailored to reflect the needs of studios / schools in a South African context
  • Professional development as an examiner and adjudicator